If I had work completed by Kelleher & Buckley and have general questions or need it updated – who do I call?

You can continue to contact the attorney you have been working with for answers to any questions about this transition. If you are unsure who to contact, call 847-382-9130 or email attorneys@kelleherbuckley.com and we will direct your case to the appropriate attorney.

I have work being completed right now by Kelleher & Buckley, what will happen to it?

Through the end of August 2020, you can continue to expect the high quality of service you have always received from Kelleher & Buckley with your current team. If your needs extend beyond August 31, 2020, your legal records will be transferred to the responsible attorney. Any clients with ongoing matters will be contacted with more information specific to your case.

How will outstanding billing be handled?

Kelleher & Buckley will continue to bill and collect on work completed through August 31, 2020. Beginning September 1, 2020, work performed and billed by the new firm that has your matter.