“Responsive, thorough, cost-efficient”

Don S.

“…we were looking for a law firm with the capabilities of a downtown firm, but the service and cost of a smaller suburban firm.   Our experience with K&B was very good, as they did serve our business well with requested work provided and questions answered in a timely fashion.”

Chris R.

“Joseph P. Hudetz represented my husband and I during our first home sale & second home purchase, all in which took place on the same morning. This process was daunting, due to issues we had with the party purchasing our home, but with Joe’s professionalism and knowledge on how to handle difficult situations, he was able save this deal for us. If it weren’t for Joe we wouldn’t be in our new home today.

He is very quick with his responses, gets very involved, and explains everything in detail to ensure we are all on the same page before any decisions are made. I highly recommend Joe for anyone who needs a residential attorney.

Secondly, K&B’s staff, who worked in tandem with Joe, was very professional, kind, and patient with our home sale/purchase. I am very thankful to have had such a great team representing us during one of the most stressful life tasks we all eventually endure!”

Jeann S.

“Kelleher & Buckley represented us for the purchase of our new home and they were fantastic. Joe and his team explained everything very clearly and supported us through every step of the process. They also saved us several thousands of dollars as they guided us through our purchase.  I highly recommend Kelleher & Buckley for your attorney needs.”

William C.

“After getting a referral from a family member, I employed the services of Raymond Rudnick of Carponelli and Krug after enduring a big car accident on a stormy Fourth of July morning. Luckily my girlfriend at the time and I ended up with almost no injury, however, due to the wonderful medical-industrial complex I ended up with $30k in hospital bills.

This is a scary place to be, especially immediately after getting run off of Lake Shore Drive at 45 miles per hour in the pitch-black rain. Mr. Rudnick couldn’t have been more understanding, helpful, timely and thorough throughout the case. Thanks to his hard work I not only walked away without a penny out of pocket (thanks at-fault other driver for having coverage) but was left with a hefty settlement.

Flash-forward to a workplace injury four years later. Workers’ comp kicks in but I get a long letter a few months later making me an offer to close my case. I call up Mr. Rudnick, and again not only he but Mr. Robert Krug convene to make sure my best interests are being looked after.

After hearing many horrific anecdotes about lawyers in these kinds of situations I’m fairly convinced that Carponelli and Krug are well above the norm in terms of caring for and communicating with their clients. Luckily I don’t know much about lawyers but Mr. Rudnick and Mr. Krug have set the bar pretty high. Yes, that’s a pun.”

Scott L.

“Kelleher & Buckley, LLC is a great law firm.  I have worked with them for years and always found their work and advice to be worth the expense.  I have found in my life that you usually get a lot less than you pay for.  When it comes to Kelleher & Buckley, LLC, I have gotten MORE than I pay for.  Andy Kelleher and Dave Buckley are extremely professional and good at their trade. This firm is simply the best in the suburbs and likely better than any over priced downtown law firm.”

John H.

“I have used Kelleher & Buckley for myself and a number of my clients. I personally have worked with Linda Fine on my parents estate and I have had Joe Hudetz assist clients with the sale of a house after the death of the owner. Both have done a wonderful job. I would gladly refer Kelleher & Buckley for both services.”

Alfred J.

“I have used Kelleher & Buckley for my own real estate transactions and have personally worked with Robert Krug and Raymond Rudnick. I have also had clients who have used Mr. Krug and Mr. Rudnick to buy and sell their homes as well as family who worked with them on a personal injury case. They are professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Their support staff in the office is also incredibly helpful and always helps to ensure that every transaction proceeds as smoothly as possible. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Emily D.

“We have been a client of K&B for our business for nearly 20 years as well as our personal estate planning. We recently revised our Trusts and as always, the team at K&B made the process effortless.”

Karen P.

North Barrington Office

Firm Headquarters and Corporate Mailing Address
102 S. Wynstone Park Drive
North Barrington, IL 60010

(847) 382-9130

Chicago Office

By Appointment Only
Two Prudential Plaza
180 N Stetson Ave #3000
Chicago, IL 60601

Hinsdale Office

By Appointment Only
15 Salt Creek Lane, Ste. 122
Hinsdale, IL 60521

After a tremendous 22 years together, David Buckley and Andrew Kelleher, founding members of Kelleher & Buckley, LLC, have decided to amicably split into two distinct law firms. The creation of these new firms will allow each company to follow their individual roadmap to success and maximize their clients’ experience.

We are excited to announce both partnerships: K&B equity member Robert Holland will partner with Andrew Kelleher to form Kelleher + Holland, LLC. Similarly, equity member Linda Fine will join David Buckley to create Buckley Fine, LLC. All of our current attorneys, paralegals and staff will be taking this journey with us.

The separation is effective September 1, 2020, at which point Kelleher & Buckley will no longer be providing legal services. During this transition, you can continue to expect the high quality of service you have always received from us as we shift to our new partnerships. Current and past clients, please check your email for additional details.

In the meantime, we have developed an FAQ to address any general questions you may have. As always, please feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns.

Thank you for your loyalty over the last 20+ years; we appreciate your support during this transition and look forward to advising you in the future.